1800W supply targets cryptocurrency mining

January 10, 2019 // By Nick Flaherty
Coolisys has launched an 1800W AC-DC 12Vdc DSP-controlled power supply for systems that mine cryptocurrencies.

The CBTM1800-12 incorporates resonance-soft-switching technology to reduce component stresses, providing increased system reliability and high efficiency of 96 per cent, which is essential for mining cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. Key features include wide input voltage design with over voltage, under voltage protection and overcurrent protection, temperature-controlled cooling fan and thermal protection.

The Coolisys CBTM1800-12 provides the most suitable architecture of 1800W at 12V for use with the most powerful ASIC-based cryptocurrency mining systems. It can also be provided with different configurations and additional features such as controls, redundancy and other DC output voltages serving other applications in other markets.

System communication signals and commands provided are inhibit (on/off), active low for output shut down, DC Fail via TTL level open collector active low when there is loss of regulation, AC Fail (option) open collector active low, I²C passive data, serial number, model number and revision.

Standard features include auto-selected input voltage ranges of 90 - 140VAC, 180 - 260VAC, AC Input with power factor correction, 1800W continuous output power at high-line input, output of 12VDC and 150A, high density design of 44 W/in 3, ±10% voltage input range, noise level under <43dB and an input frequency range of 47-63Hz. It is 100% rated up to 50°C ambient and the output interface is ten lanes of PCI-Express.

“The Coolisys CBTM1800-12 is a fully DSP controlled, highly-efficient, enclosed 1800-watt 12VDC power supply. It incorporates resonance-soft-switching technology to reduce component stresses, providing increased system reliability and very high efficiency,” said Amos Kohn, President & CEO of Coolisys. "It combines high efficiency and good dynamic performance into a power dense package providing the most suitable architecture for use with many cryptocurrency miners and offers a flexible platform to develop other industrial power applications.”

Coolisys, which includes Gresham Power in Salisbury, UK, offers worldwide design and manufacture of power conversion and distribution systems.


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