15MW wind turbine is record 260m high

February 12, 2021 // By Nick Flaherty
15MW wind turbine is record 260m high
The V236-15.0 MW wind turbine from Vestas in Denmark is aimed at offshore energy generation as the sweep of the 236m long blades covers 43,000sq metres.

Vestas in Denmark has launched a 15MW wind turbine that will be a record 260m high, taller than the Commerzbank Tower in Frankfurt and approaching the Shard in London

The V236-15.0 MW wind turbine is aimed at offshore energy generation as the 236m long blades cover 43,000m 2. The previous record was held by GE’s 14MW Haliade-X, with a 220m blade. Both GE and Vestas are also part of a Danish project to produce large composite blades that can be recycled. 

“Introducing our new offshore platform is a huge achievement for everyone at Vestas, as it marks a big leap forward in a very important journey,” said Henrik Andersen, CEO of Vestas. “Offshore wind will play an integral role in the growth of wind energy and the V236-15.0 MW will be a driver in this development by lowering levelised cost of energy thus making our customers more competitive in offshore tenders going forward.”

The 15MW wind turbine will use power technology from the existing 9MW and EnVentus turbine platforms, using a modular approach to scale components.

Combining the wind industry’s largest rotor with the highest nominal rating, the 15MW design reduces the number of turbines in a wind park.  For example, for a 900 MW wind it boosts production by five percent with 34 fewer turbines compared to the V174-9.5 MW version. The new design improves the partial-load production, resulting in a more stable energy production.

“With the V236-15.0 MW, we raise the bar in terms of technological innovation and industrialisation in the wind energy industry, in favour of building scale. The new platform combines innovation with certainty to offer industry-leading performance while reaping the benefits of building on the supply chain of our entire product portfolio. The new offshore platform forms a solid foundation for future products and upgrades,” said CTO Anders Nielsen.

With the world’s largest swept area

The Vestas 15MW off shore wind turbines will be 260m high

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