1200A coreless closed loop TMR sensor

June 18, 2019 //By Christoph Hammerschmidt
TMR sensor
TDK is expanding its magnetic field sensor portfolio with a series of sensors designed specifically for high current measurement in automotive and industrial applications.

The CUR 423x TMR sensor family is suitable for DC and AC measurements in high-current applications and can measure currents above 1200 A. The advantages of galvanic isolation of load current and measuring circuits are particularly useful in high-voltage battery monitoring systems in hybrid and electric vehicles (xEV). A signal-to-noise ratio and a total error below 1% (full scale) of the operating temperature allow precise current measurements in applications with a signal bandwidth of up to 5kHz. Samples will be available in the fourth quarter of 2019.

All components required for closed-loop operation, such as compensation coil, shunt resistor and TMR sensor bridge, are integrated in a small, 1 mm industry standard TSSOP16-SMD package. By eliminating the need for a large toroidal core, space and costs can be saved. The programming of digital offset and gain temperature compensation, low pass filter and clamping can be done with TDK-Micronas programming tools.

Two sensor variants with flux density ranges of ±7 mT and ±40 mT are available. Fine adjustment of the field ranges allows adaptation to different current measurement ranges in the application. Current sensor modules with the CUR 423x can be programmed in production via the output pin. Output formats selectable by the customer, such as SENT according to SAEJ2716 Rev.4, SPI or fully ratiometric analog, allow flexible adaptation to the application requirements.

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