0.8A step-up DC/DC converters in a 1.28x1.08x0.4mm WLP

April 25, 2016 //By Julien Happich
0.8A step-up DC/DC converters in a 1.28x1.08x0.4mm WLP
Torex Semiconductor's XC9141/XC9142 series of 0.8A step-up DC/DC converters come with an input–output disconnection function (load disconnection function) to prevent malfunctioning during standby, and for device functionality that enables power supply to RTC.

When the output voltage is 3.3V, the IC can start from an input voltage of 0.9V with a resistance load of 100Ω, enabling use in devices driven by one alkaline or nickel-hydrogen battery. The input voltage range is 0.65V to 6.0V, and the output voltage range can be set from 1.8V to 5.5V (accuracy ±2.0%) in steps of 0.1V. A switching frequency of 1.2MHz or 3.0MHz can be selected to match the application. PWM control (XC9141) or PWM/PFM auto switching control (XC9142) can be selected for the operation mode. Internal functions include soft start, load disconnection, CL auto discharge, and a bypass switch function. Internal protective circuits include over-current limiting, integral latch, and output short protection. The devices come in SOT-25 package, small USP-6C package (1.8x2.0x0.6mm), and ultra-small WLP-6-01 package (1.28x1.08x0.4mm).

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