0805 temperature protection for 100W USB Type-C connectors

June 05, 2019 //By Julien Happich
Temperature protection in an 0805 package
Littelfuse has expanded its range of digital temperature indicators for cables with USB Type-C connectors at both ends.

Temperature protection is vital in case dust, dirt, or other debris becomes trapped in a USB Type-C cable connector or the connector has deformed pins. The resulting resistive fault from the power line to ground can cause a dangerous temperature rise without increasing the current.

WIth the PolySwitch ETP0805-100-CC sensor, when the temperature reaches the indicating temperature (100°C), the setP switches from low resistance to very high resistance, shutting down the flow of power. Once the user disconnects the cable and removes the debris, the cable can resume normal operation.

The compact 0805 (mils) footprint of setP temperature protection indicators are 50 percent smaller than other solutions that require placing a device on the power line. The setP devices can be used to protect cables designed for 100 W of power or more. The device’s rigid structure is compatible with conventional assembly and molding operations used in cable and connector manufacturing.

Both the original (single-end) setP series digital temperature indicator (part number SETP0805-100-SE) and the latest version (part number SETP0805-100-CC) are available as surface mount devices in tape and reel packaging in packs.

Littelfuse – www.Littelfuse.com

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