0.1% dimmable LED driver in constant current reduction mode

November 16, 2018 //By Julien Happich
0.1% dimmable LED driver in constant current reduction mode
Today, most of the low dimming drivers are designed in PWM mode to get a low output, but then they suffer from strobe flickering under cameras and potential audible noises.

To solve these issues, Upowertek has released constant current reduction (CCR) mode LED drivers with a much lower dimming level than existing alternatives, and especially with a great regulation of +/-0.05% and consistency thanks to the digital control circuitry inside. To ensure smooth dimming control, the BSR-055 series comes with 2048 digital dimming levels built-in, it supports the customization of linear, logarithmic or even square dimming curves. The device is the first linear slim line driver to integrate DALI, 0-10V, PWM and time dimming in one model. The unit comes with an NFC programming laptop software and android app.

Upowertek - www.upowertek.com

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