World’s lowest power capacitive touch solution is revealed

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The QTouch Surface platform builds on the market-proven QTouch capacitive touch button sensing technology supported by Atmel | SMART MCUs.

The QTouch solution includes an on-chip peripheral touch controller (PTC), the cornerstone technology that enables higher performance capacitive touch on Atmel MCUs.

"User interfaces in consumer products such as wearable/IoT devices, remote controls and PC/gaming controls are being driven by the massive adoption of touchscreens in smart phones and tablets," said Geir Kjosavik, Director of QTouch Product Marketing, Atmel Corporation. "Products in this new category require a surface solution with lower power consumption and higher cost optimization that do not require the performance from higher-end touchscreen controllers. The QTouch Surface platform is the ideal solution to support all these requirements."

The QTouch Surface solution uses only a fraction of the resources in Atmel | SMART MCUs and can be implemented with virtually zero cost since one Atmel controller can be used for both the application and capacitive touch user interface. A demonstration of the new QTouch Surface platform will be available at CES January 2015. The QTouch Surface platform, including the QTouch Surface library firmware, software development tool and plug-and-play hardware kits, will also be showcased at Embedded World held in Nuremberg, Germany on February 24, 2015.

The QTouch Surface Platform features the world’s lowest power capacitive touch surface control with a wake-up on a surface touch from a standby current down to 4µA.

The platform works with all Atmel | SMART MCUs featuring the Peripheral Touch Control using less than 10% CPU processing power and supports multi touch on the following surface size ranges: 2.7-inch with 2 mm touch separation (edge to edge); 5.5-inch with 14 mm touch separation (edge to edge).

To help accelerate a designer’s development, the QTouch Surface Platform offers easy-to-use software and hardware tools which include the QTouch Surface Library and QTouch Composer support for QTouch Surface will be available free of charge in the Atmel Gallery.  Xplained Pro, Atmel’s hardware development platform, will also support the QTouch Surface Platform.

All development tools will be launched and available February 24, 2015 at Embedded World in Nuremberg.

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