World’s first convertible 54V battery pack is compatible with existing 18V power tools

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By Nick Flaherty

Power tool users usually face a choice between the convenience and portability of cordless tools, and the performance and uninterrupted running of mains power. The DEWALT XR Flexvolt  can power heavy-duty 54V cordless construction power tools while remaining backwards compatible with DEWALT’s existing XR 18V cordless tool range. 

The new 54V tools combine the power of corded tools with the portability and freedom of cordless, while the 18V tools benefit from a running time of over a full day’s use on a single charge from the 6.0 Ah pack.

This gives staff the flexibility to mix-and-match new 54V cordless construction power tools with existing 18V devices. For example, a roofer working at height can avoid trailing cables and gain freedom of movement by using a 54V circular saw — for trimming heavy timbers — alongside conventional 18V tools powered by the same battery pack.

The packs are available through RS Components at


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