Wide VIN range flyback controller offers high reliability benefits

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By eeNews Europe

The LTC3805/-5 has a current-mode control architecture that provides excellent transient response and cycle-by-cycle current limit while simplifying feedback loop stability. Fixed frequency operation is from 70 kHz to 700 kHz and can be synchronized to an external clock.

The low start-up (40 µA) and operating currents (360 µA) minimize power loss and improve efficiency. Its low 100 mV current-limit threshold further reduces power loss.

Additional features include adjustable soft start, programmable slope compensation, remote on/off and overvoltage protection. The LTC3805MP-5 features a lower turn-on voltage of 4.5 V versus 8.4V for the LTC3805MP.

The LTC3805MP/-5 versions are available from stock in the thermally enhanced MSOP-10 package. Pricing starts at $4.76 each for 1,000 piece quantities.

More information about the LTC3805/-5 programmable frequency flyback controller at


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