NEVO+ Modular & Configurable AC/DC Series Power densities of up to 25 Watts per cubic inch

By Vox Power
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The NEVO+ modular and user configurable power supply series is the smallest in their class and the ultimate power solution for demanding industrial and medical applications where size, power density and weight are vital factors. The NEVO+600 delivers 600W from a tiny 5”x 3” x 1.61” package weighing only 600g when fully configured. The input module can accommodate up to four isolated output modules, ranging from 75W dual output to 150W or 300W single output, which can easily be configured into a high power 5”x 3” single output power supply or a multiple output power supply with up to eight isolated outputs. The NEVO+1200 delivers 1200W from a tiny 6”x 6” x 1.61” package weighing only 1.2kg when fully configured. Each configured unit consists of an input module with up to eight output modules ranging from 75W dual output to 300W single output. These outputs can be fitted without restriction in any combination to create a power solution with up to sixteen isolated outputs. NEW Release 300W Dual Slot Output Modules Now Available Added benefits: - Provides simplified connectivity - Increases system reliability - Reduces application complexity - Reduces overall system cost   Read More

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