Webinar demonstrates online tool for complex power system design

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A live presentation on April 10, 2014 is intended to help power engineers architect, analyse and optimise power system designs with flexibility and efficiency

An instalment in the company’s Power Advantage Educational Program, the session will feature design tips and techniques aimed at optimising power solution design. The new live webinar will be presented by Sean Crilly, Vice President, VI Chip Design Engineering, and will feature Vicor’s online power analyser, PowerBench Whiteboard, and highlight the tool’s capabilities for streamlining power system design processes.

Power engineers have traditionally relied on cumbersome, manual diagramming and bench analysis processes to develop their power systems, with iterative design and test cycles. The problem compounds for engineers looking to use multiple components to deliver highly optimised power component solutions. Using Vicor’s free online PowerBench Whiteboard tool, in conjunction with the Solution Selector, engineers can identify the necessary components for their system designs. They can architect optimal end-to-end power chains and dynamically analyse system efficiency. In addition, Vicor provides application-specific reference designs to help power engineers jumpstart their design.

With these powerful capabilities, engineers can employ a modular power system design methodology that allows them to architect complete power systems using Vicor’s modular components.

This live webinar is scheduled for Thursday, April 10, at 14:00 CET/1:00pm BST/8:00am Eastern; registration is at;

A second live presentation of this webinar is scheduled for later in the day at 19:00CET/6:pm BST/1:00pm Eastern/10AM Pacific; registration for this session is at;


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