Voice and M2M connectivity in low-power communications chipset

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Developers can easily add telephony and voice functions to any embedded system, without the need for the dedicated voice processing ICs or host-based DSP software required by legacy approaches. The voice-capable Si24xx ICs are suitable for any system with telephony functions ranging from POS terminals and security systems to video phones and medical monitoring equipment.
In addition to offering a complete suite of ITU-T "V-dot" data communications, compression and error correction protocols, the ISOmodem family supports specialized protocols used in security and POS applications. Standard DTMF generation and detection and user-programmable tone detection and generation give the Si24xx family the flexibility to support non-standard custom protocols through host software. Operating from a single 3.3 V power supply, ISOmodem chipsets draw very little power, 56 mW in normal operation (on-hook, idle).

Sleep and Wake-On-Ring (WOR) modes are available to reduce power consumption to 0.3 mW and 15 mW, respectively. This capability allows a system to appear to be "always on" while consuming very little power and still responding to events on the telephone line. Si24xx ISOmodem ICs are available in a tiny 5x7mm QFN package, resulting in the smallest total board area for embedded modem designs. Developers can use a small, low-cost 32 kHz "watch" crystal instead of the larger, more expensive crystal typically used in embedded modems. The Si24xx devices also offer the option of using a serial peripheral interface (SPI) in addition to UART and parallel interfaces, enabling resource sharing among multiple peripherals.

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