Versatile 3U 300-W+ VPX PSU offers high power density benefits

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The new PSU’s input is a nominal 28 VDC, though its input steady state is compliant with RTCA DO-160E A(CF) – i.e. 22 to 30.3 VDC – and therefore also compliant with MIL-STD-704F (22 to 29 VDC).     

The PSU can be configured to have up to five DC outputs, which are referenced to a common 0V. For example, the PSU may be configured to supply +12 V (72 W), -12 V (24 W); +5 V (150 W), +3.3 V (49.5 W) plus an auxiliary +3.3 V (13.2 W). Total: 308.7 W.     

Pulse Electronics’ modules have maximum power ratings of +12 V (120 W), -12 V (120 W), +5 V (150 W) and +3.3 V (100 W); but not all can be employed in the VPX PSU at their highest ratings at the same time due to space/thermal constraints.     

Under maximum loading, the PSU’s output voltages build to within 95% of their respective steady states well within 250 ms of the application of the 28 VDC input power. Also, a ‘Power Good’ signal indicates when all outputs are within ±7% of their state output voltage levels. This signal is opto-coupled so it can be integrated into system health monitoring circuitry. It can also be configured to give an ‘immanent over-temperature’ warning by an additional cyclic state of the ‘Power Good’.     

Other standard features include: output over-current, output over-voltage and over-temperature protection along with the possibility of communication via serial bus as an option.      

The unit complies with the relevant sections of RTCA DO-160E in respect of altitude, over-pressure, humidity, functional shock, random and endurance vibration, sand & dust, and conducted and radiated emissions within the confines of the sealed VPX rack configuration.     

The 3U 300W+ VPX weighs only 520g and its dimensions are: 163.9 mm (length) x 100 mm (width) x 21.4 mm (depth) and suitable to fit into a one inch rack pitch. It is available immediately and comes with a 1-year warranty.     

To complement the 3U 300W+ VPX a unit is available that affords both power hold-up (in the region of 50 ms at 300 W) and additional input voltage filtering (to comply with the extreme standards of Land Class A and to cope with transients of up to 100ms duration at 180 V). As standard, this complementary unit has a regulated output of 32 V at 51.2 W though different steady state voltages and even a variable controlled voltage (as might be needed for an external fan control) are available upon request. Also, the unit is available in two form-factors, namely 3U VPX card or as a standalone, plug-in box.      

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