USB Type-C power delivery controller IC – powers PCs and TVs

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This will make it possible to drive equipment with larger power requirements such as TVs and PCs via USB and at the same time enable conventional USB-equipped portable devices (i.e. smart phones, tablets) to be charged up to four times faster than the previous standard.

As part of a move to develop common connectors and chargers for a variety of electronic devices, the latest USB connector and power transmission standards developed by USB-IF (USB Implementers Forum) includes USB Type-C, USB Power Delivery (along with USB Superspeed), and the new DisplayPort Alternate Mode standard for carrying video. The outcome is a true all-in-one cable solution by making it possible to deliver high power, high-speed data, and 4K video simultaneously over a single USB cable/port.

Rohm has used leading BiCDMOS processes and circuit technologies to develop USB PD controller ICs optimised for these latest USB standards. As well as supplying the 100W Power Delivery, DisplayPort Alternate Mode compatibility eliminates the need for dedicated video cables, carrying high-speed data and video.

Advanced micro 0.13 µm BiCDMOS processes and circuit technology are used to achieve greater compactness and optimisation. This will make it possible to eliminate the FET and separate power supply for power receiving operation. Compared to standard systems, the number of external parts can be reduced by more than 20 (including the external power supply IC), contributing to greater miniaturisation.

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