Top ten power technical articles of 2016

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By Nick Flaherty

Alongside the traditional articles on all aspects of building efficient power supplies from bridge designs to drivers, there has been significant interest in wireless charging, especially for the Internet of Things. The practical elements of thermal management has also been a strong interest, as has the power implications oflow cost microcontrollers. Articles can be submitted at the Learning Center here on eeNews Europe.

  1. Build a Precision Low Noise 5A Power Supply
  2. How the Internet of Things Can Take Advantage of Wireless Charging & Energy Harvesting
  3. CMOS isolated gate drivers enhance power supplies
  4. 12V/100A Hot Swap Design for Server Farms
  5. Monolithic Full Bridge AutoResonant Transmitter IC Simplifies Wireless Battery Charger Design
  6. What they didn’t teach you in engineering school about heat transfer
  7. Understanding Linear Regulators and Their Key Performance Parameters
  8. Low IQ, 60V Monolithic Boost/Sepic/Inverting DC/DC Converter
  9. Six hidden costs in a 99¢ wireless SoC
  10. Automated Test Outlook 2016


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