TDK buys Faraday Semi for power chip and 3D packaging technology

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By Nick Flaherty

Faraday Semiconductor in Irvine, California, makes the world’s smallest class of Point of Load (μPOL) modules that power ASIC, processors and FPGAs in high performance systems. The deal enables TDK to supply high-efficiency, high-performance DC-DC modules for demanding applications in information and communication technology (ICT), and in industrial devices and automotive markets.

Faraday uses advanced packaging technologies such as semiconductor embedded in substrate (SESUB) and 3D assembly of components. Using Faraday’s technology alongside components from EPCOS. InvenSense, TDK-Lambda and other subsidiaries allows TDK to reduce the total system cost in “big data” applications.

The company was founded in 2015 by Parviz Parto, formerly the director of POL systems at Infineon. It has developed a power management IC using a specialised cell library and proprietary package technology based on its systems expertise


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