Supercapacitors for IoT now in distribution

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By Nick Flaherty

The BestCap, SCC Series Cylindrical and SCM Series Module capacitors enable very high pulse power and capacitance density, providing reliability in multiple applications.

The BestCap Series offers capacitance of 4.7mF to 1000mF and voltage of 3.6V to 20V. Designed for high reliability and long life, the devices are low profile, only 2mm to 6mm in height. They feature minimum capacitance loss for short duration pulses, low ESR and low leakage. Available mounting options include surface mount, though hole and wires.

Applications include RFID, GSM / GPRS / WIFI Modules, gas and water meters, IoT applications, portable devices, security devices and others.

The SCC Series Cylindrical supercapacitors are available with capacitance values ranging from 1F to 3,000F. Voltage is 2.7V. The devices feature high pulse power capability, low ESR and low leakage current. Applications include energy harvesting systems, uninterruptable power supplies, remote metering, scanners, wireless alarms and camera flash systems.

The third AVX supercapacitor range is the SCM Series Modules, with capacitance values ranging from 1F to 750F and voltage of 5.0V and 5.4V. Again featuring high pulse power capability, low ESR and low leakage current, SCM Series Modules are available with Active or Passive balancing options for wireless alarms, GSM/GPRS pulse applications, remote metering, scanners and camera flash systems.



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