Super junction MOSFET range adds four 650V devices

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By Nick Flaherty

Toshiba Electronics Europe has added four N-channel super junction 650 V power MOSFET devices to extend the DTMOS VI series.

The devices are used for industrial and lighting power supplies and other applications where small form factor is a requirement.

The new TK090E65Z, TK110E65Z, TK155E65Z, and TK190E65Z MOSFETs achieve a 40% reduction in the drain-source on-resistance (RDSON) x gate-drain charge (Qgd) figure of merit (FoM) when compared to the previous DTMOS generation. This will translate into a substantial decrease in switching losses over earlier devices.

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As a result, designs incorporating the devices will see an increase in efficiency in both new designs and as an upgrade. 

All four of the new devices offer a drain-source voltage (VDSS) of 650 V with a drain current (ID) capability up to 30 A. Drain-source on-resistance (RDSON) is as low as 0.09Ω and the gate-drain charge (Qgd) can be as low as 7.1 nC, allowing low-loss operation at high speeds. All devices are packaged in industry-standard TO-220 through-hole packages.
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