STMicroelectronics boosts accessibility and value of space-grade power electronics

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According to the Satellite Industry Association, the global satellite industry is growing steadily and currently generates more than $160 billion in annual revenues. Although essential electronic equipment is built in various territories, including Europe and Asia, the majority of components certified for use in space originate from the USA. However, developed in conjunction with the support of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Centre National d’Etudes Spatiales (CNES), ST’s latest family of radiation-hardened power MOSFETs is produced in Europe and fully qualified to ESCC (European Space Components Coordination) specifications.

ST’s move will not only increase the global supply of space-qualified components, but will also overcome trade restrictions that can delay project completion or prevent access to certain devices and markets. "This new Rad-Hard Power MOSFET family has been developed to meet space requirements and is available for the first time from a European manufacturer," said Ian Wilson, General Manager of ST’s Power Transistors Division.

The radiation-hardened power MOSFET family spans current ratings from 6 A to 80 A and comprises five N-channel and P-channel devices, including: the STRH100N10 and STRH8N10 and STRH40P10, which offer voltage ratings of 100 V; and the STRH100N6 and STRH40N6 with voltage ratings of 60 V. The 100-V P-channel device has a current rating of 34 A. With their low gate charge, a characteristic of ST’s STripFET technology which enhances switching performance, they are ideal for use in DC power modules such as motor controllers and linear regulators, as well as line switches and e-fuses for current limiting.

Major features of ST space-qualified power MOSFETs include fast switching performance, hermetically sealed package, and the ability to withstand 70/100 krad Total Ionizing Dose (TID). The devices are also 100% avalanche tested and SEE radiation hardened.

The STRHxxxN10, STRHxxxN6 and STRH40P10 family are available now to EM (Engineering Model) or ESCC flight quality level, in TO254-AA and TO-39 through-hole packages. An SMD.5 surface-mount configuration is also offered. The STRH100N10 is qualified to the ESCC 5205/021 specification and the other products are expected to be ESCC qualified in H2 2011.

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