ST accelerometers gain a design win in a CES2014-featured IoT application

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By eeNews Europe

STMicroelectronics’ MEMS feature in motion tracking in “Mother and Motion Cookies” from, a designer of smart connected devices for the Internet of Things. The company was cited for a CES Innovations 2014 Design and Engineering Innovation Award in the “Technology for a better world” category.’s Mother is a programmable device that turns objects “smart”; Mother is the “head of a family” of as many as 24 small connected sensors – the Motion Cookies – that blend into daily life.

Motion Cookies, the first members of the Mother family, use an ST ultra-low-power, high-performance “nano” LIS3DH accelerometer to detect and understand the movements of objects and send the data to the Mother. The small and slick Motion Cookies, which can be attached to almost anything, exploit the smart embedded functions and advanced power saving of ST’s accelerometer. Motion Cookies can store 10 days’ worth of data when they are away from the Mother, and have a battery life of a year – or several months in mobility.

“…ST motion sensors are at the heart of a growing ecosystem of connected devices. With’s Mother, they are enabling an award-winning and innovative application with life-enhancing capability,” comments Fabio Pasolini, General Manager, Motion MEMS Division, STMicroelectronics.;



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