SoC IP: ultra low-power cells for always-on blocks

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SESAME BIV is a standard cell library available from 180 nm down to 55 nm. It takes advantage of thick gate oxide transistors to achieve ultra-low leakage performances with an extended operating voltage range (up to 3.6V) enabling a direct connection to the battery thus eliminating the need for regulators.

Such a standard cell library provides the best trade-off between power and area at different mature nodes:

Up to 70% total power saving, detailed in the comparison chart, and;

Area saving: up to 7x denser (compared to a 5k gates AO logic using an SVT library and a dedicated regulator)

Low BoM: no need for a dedicated voltage regulator

Reliability: Patented flip-flop to reliably sustain wide operating voltage range, silicon proven library

SESAME BIV is part of Dolphin Integration’s Low Power Panoply (LoPAN) that combines silicon IP and design methodologies to achieve the lowest power consumption in a minimal area for each logic subsystem of a SoC.

Dolphin Integration;


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