Smart energy module combines metering and control

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Wirelessly connecting to other devices through the ZigBee mesh network, the ZMM-01 can form a fundamental part of the smart home, helping to lower power usage by implementing building management protocols.

The company claims that the ZMM-01 is well suited to many types of distributed control and monitoring systems, for example: wireless charging for electric vehicles, street lighting control, data centre power monitoring and building air-conditioning control.

The module is based on the Ember EM357; a ZigBee radio-on-a-chip which integrates a fully compliant IEEE 802.15.4/ZigBee wireless transceiver with the powerful ARM Cortex-M3 microcontroller, able to run the ZigBee Smart Energy protocol and application code while still consuming just 30mA to transmit.

Closely coupled to this is the Cirrus Logic CS5467 Analogue Front End (AFE); developed specifically for energy measurement applications. The AFE incorporates on-chip functions for measuring voltage and current to calculate active, reactive and apparent power/energy with Energy Linearity: ±0.1% of Reading over 1000:1 Dynamic Range.

The ZMM-01 simplifies working with ZigBee Smart Energy – implementing a complete ZigBee SE smart meter now only requires the addition of a shunt resistor and current transformer (CT). The resulting device can form the heart of a meter that meets IEC EN62053-21 class 1 or 62053-23 class 2. The ZMM-01 offers a Smart Energy solution that is ready for system integration.

The ZDM-01 Development Kit complements the ZMM-01 Smart Energy module, providing a complete platform for module evaluation and code development.

Dunstan Power, Director, ByteSnap Design, commented: “Energy management is expected to help drive the M2M market into the mainstream over the next two years. Legislation is being implemented across Europe and other regions, creating demand for solutions in this emerging market. The ZMM-01 offers OEMs and ODMs the opportunity to accelerate their entry in to this fast-moving marketplace with a pre-certified and fully compliant turn-key solution.”

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