Small footprint boost controller simplifies LED backlighting

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By eeNews Europe

The highly integrated AL3022 is supplied in the small footprint SO-8 package and reduces the number of external components required for system design.

Operating at a fixed switching frequency of 140 kHz, the controller handles up to 60 W output power, and is suitable for a wide range of 14-inch to 42-inch LCD panel designs.  The device uses a 200 mV voltage reference to help minimize losses, thus improving system efficiency in many cases.

Delivering accurate line and load regulation, the AL3022 supports both PWM and analog LED string dimming control methods.  PWM dimming is initiated by applying an external control signal of at least 100 Hz, while analog dimming is triggered using a DC signal ranging from 0.8 V to 2.4 V.

To improve overall system reliability, the controller offers a complete suite of integrated protection features.  Included in the device are under-voltage lockout, over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature protection circuits, as well as protection against output-to-ground short circuits.

The AL3022 boost controller is priced at $0.18 each in 100k piece quantities.  An evaluation board (ref: AL3022EV1) is also available to qualifying customers.


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