Silicon IP builds high-performance power metering blocks for smart metering

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The Metro-PM-Jade-mono.05 product, featuring a complete measurement subsystem for single-phase power metering ICs, is available in main technological processes at 130 nm. Metro-PM-Jade-mono.05 benefit comprises a high-resolution Mixed-signal Front-End (sensAFE-20×32-PM-mono.05-LB) and a dense Power and energy Computation Engine (PCE-PM.01). This product embeds a low drift voltage reference and a low noise voltage regulator ensuring the reduction of the Bill of Material (BoM) and the safest integration, thanks to lower supply noise constraints.

Dolphin Integration cites a silicon measurement report, with hardware fabricated in TSMC’s 130 BCD process for its Silicon Qualifier containing the Analog Front-End (AFE), that demonstrates high performance for power metering applications. This Analog Front-End has been tested associated with a current transformer sensor and features a SNR up to 106.0 dB on the I-channel and 102.8 dB on the V-channel. Its performance enables power-metering subsystems to achieve class 0.1 performances with a range beyond 1/5,000 at the system level.

Dolphin Integration points to its “Right-on-First-Pass Virtual Components”, using a Virtual Fab Process where Silicon Qualifiers serve to validate the equivalence between simulations and measurements.

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