Silicon carbide FETs boost efficiency in power converter modules

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By eeNews Europe

This generation of flow SiC 0 modules comes in two versions. One is a flow3xPHASE 0 SiC three-phase inverter module with 3x Buck/Boost and split output topology; the other is the flow3xBoost 0 SiC with three-channel boost circuits.

Both modules feature the latest generation of SiC MOSFET switches designed for ultra fast switching frequencies of over 100 kHz. They are able to achieve greater than 99 % peak efficiency at fPWM of 64 kHz. Equipped with integrated DC capacitors, these new flow 0 SiC modules provide ultra low inductance.


The flow3xPHASE 0 SiC and the flow3xBOOST SiC 0 modules come in low-inductive, 12-mm flow 0 housings with Press-fit pins.



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