Self-contained battery-operated wireless photoelectric sensing solution

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The unit includes a sensor, radio and internal battery power supply in a single compact and robust housing.A variety of sensing modes are available in the new self-contained wireless series, allowing for functions including presence/absence, alignment, position, counting, monitoring and detection. Battery life is up to five years depending on sensor model and application, and the housing is IP67/NEMA 6 rated.

Compared with wireless solutions requiring a separate sensor connected by wire to a radio, the self-contained units make it more economical to add the benefits of wireless communication for both OEMs and end users. They are suitable for many industries including automotive, food and beverages, material handling, waste management, water supply and mobile equipment.

Using a simple binding procedure, new sensors can be added to the network in minutes since there is no need to install any cabling. The wireless sensors are designed for rapid, low-cost deployment and dependable operation in a wide range of situations. These include providing remote input for dry relay contacts, replacing failed cable runs, adding sensors to mobile applications, replacing complex festooned or ribbon cabling and connecting locations that were previously impractical or impossible.

The secure, proprietary SureCross radio provides PLC level functionality and reliability over a long range of 1km. Data is transferred reliably by using frequency hopping and a proprietary protocol; malicious hacking is impossible. The system does not affect other wireless devices in the 2.4GHz ISM band. An alarm output is available in case the radio link is lost.

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