Rohm and imec collaborate on ultra-low power radio R&D

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In current short-range radios, the power amplifier typically uses around 50 percent of the total power consumption of the system, while the phase-locked loop (PLL) is responsible for another 30-40 percent of the power consumption. While a low power PA can contribute to the low power consumption of transmission only, a low power PLL can contribute to both the low power consumption of transmission and reception.

As a member of imec’s ULP wireless systems program, researchers from ROHM will closely collaborate with imec’s research team at Holst Centre, to jointly develop RF technology components that enable significant reduction of the power consumption of the complete radio system. By combining innovative architectures, advanced ULP design IP and efficient low power circuits, imec’s ULP radios achieve best-in-class performance and reduce power consumption between three to ten times that of today’s radios. Moreover, these ULP high-performance radios are compliant with state-of-the-art wireless standards, such as Bluetooth Low Energy and ZigBee.

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