RF transceiver claims a new standard for low current and high performance

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The device offers advantages in range, battery life, and link robustness in the presence of interference making it ideal for applications such as smart metering, security system, remote access, sensor networks, and home/building automation.

The SX1232 overcomes the typical conundrum of achieving high performance and low current consumption simultaneously.  The SX1232 delivers market leading performance for adjacent channel selectivity (54dB), sensitivity (-123 dBm@1.2kbps), image rejection (48 dB w/ 1% PER), and phase noise (-102 dBc/Hz@10 kHz, 915 MHz) for significantly lower receive current (9.3 mA) than competing devices. 

In many applications the range is limited by IIP3 or the linearity of the receiver front-end caused by mixing products of strong out of band interferers. The SX1232 transceiver delivers ultra-low receive current without compromising the IIP3 performance.  With the highest gain and maximum sensitivity the IIP3 performance is -12 dBm making it the most robust and reliable solution under any condition.  

For applications requiring range the SX1232 offers an integrated +20 dBm amplifier coupled with a sensitivity of -123 dBm at 1.2 kbps providing a typical link budget of 143 dB.  This high link budget and ultra-fast frequency hopping time makes it ideal for frequency hopping applications as the SX1232 can scan the entire 902-928 MHz band without ever exiting receive mode.  The synthesizer settling time of 20 usec for a 1 MHz frequency step and RSSI sampling capability on a fraction of a bit time makes it the fastest solution for frequency hopping applications.

The SX1232 supports GFSK, FSK, GMSK, and OOK modulation and is designed to support WMBus, IEEE 802.15.4g (SUN), FCC 15.247, ARIB T96/108, EN 300-220 as well as other worldwide standards and regulations.  The SX1232 will be the basis for Semtech¹s future product line based on a new modulation scheme that will deliver four to eight times range advantage versus existing systems with a low cost bill of materials (BOM).

Availability and Pricing

The SX1232 is available immediately in production quantities and is priced at $1.75 each in 10,000-piece lots. Semtech offers comprehensive design assistance, including field- and factory-based support.

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