RF power transistor delivers cost-effective platform for increased wireless-system performance

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Equipment such as wireless base stations and repeaters used by organizations such as security and emergency services, as well as commercial communications companies, must achieve high RF power output at high frequencies while at the same time producing low distortion. These conflicting targets can complicate design and impose extra costs. LDMOS technology has proved successful in enabling designers to meet these targets, and ST has now advanced the technology further to enable equipment designers to increase system performance even further.      

The LET family of RF transistors uses ST’s latest STH5P LDMOS technology to achieve increased power saturation capability, which minimizes distortion at higher power levels. The devices can operate at frequencies up to 2 GHz with major linearity, ruggedness and reliability improvements. Efficiency is also increased by 10-15% compared to devices using earlier LDMOS processes.      

In addition, the devices have 3 dB higher gain than their predecessors, which simplifies amplifier design and minimizes parts count. Additional enhancements include an increase in breakdown voltage to 80 V from 65 V and improved thermal performance, leading to greater reliability, as well as increased load mismatch capability.

Devices in cost saving Power-SO 10RF surface mount plastic packages with formed or straight leads are currently under qualification.     

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