Resistance welding technology enables 100kWh smart battery pack

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By Nick Flaherty

The lithium-ion battery stack has been incorporated into the proof of concept for the latest model of a fully electric extended range car. The new proprietary battery concept features high energy density and robust safety features, increasing the battery’s capacity and extend the car’s driving range, the LIGHT Battery provides 100 kWh of energy and gives the car a range of up to 700 kilometres (435 miles).

LION Smart operates test facilities and test laboratories for electric storage devices and performs research on lithium-ion storage technology and already used a variety of Amada Miyachi Europe resistance welding equipment during the testing phase for the LIGHT Battery concept, including an FD120 spot welding head and the ISQ20 high frequency inverter spot welding power supply.

The LIGHT Battery concept has been designed for fully automated production – with the smallest part count for a battery stack in the industry. Requiring no wires, it uses wireless infrared communication to reduce the overhead of wires, while higher levels of integration frees up installation space. This allows the cylindrical cells to have a higher packing density, with the densest packaging of cells and modules in a given space. The battery stack’s adjustable size means it can meet the needs of every application and customer.

The LIGHT Battery also features an innovative cooling system to guarantee maximum lifetime. All cells and high current carrying parts are totally immersed in 3M-Novev liquid. The cooling-liquid surrounds the cells evenly and there is no damage to cell chemistry by the welding process used. Safety is improved through the use of sophisticated double sided fuse and immersion.


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