Remote inverter SCADA system targets 1GW remote power management

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By Nick Flaherty

Utilities are seeing a surge in commercial PV and small solar farms in their service territories. In larger systems, a recloser and a cabinet of equipment are used to control a DER connection to the grid. Due to the cost of equipment and labor involved in deployment, this method does not scale well for small to mid-sized deployments.

“We were approached by engineers at several IOUs (investor owned utilities) asking if we had a solution for controlling their customer’s small and mid-size PV and wind systems. The recloser and equipment rack used for large megawatt systems don’t scale down for smaller systems on the distribution network,” said Chris Mullins, Executive VP at PMI. “Our engineering team used the knowledge gained from decades of utility PQ monitor design and cell communications experience to very quickly bring the Eclipse to market.”

Eclipse is small enough to fit in a shirt pocket, weatherproof, line powered and uses LTE cellular communications for bringing a SCADA system to anywhere in a distribution system. It includes two Form C dry contact outputs and 120V digital inputs for inverter control and status monitoring.  Optional 3-phase voltage, current and power monitoring allow for tracking inverter power output and voltage regulation impact on the distribution network.  The Eclipse is also compatible with Canvass, PMI’s cloud-based email/SMS alerting and data storage and analytics system.


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