Radio filter delivers LTE capacity gains of up to 65 per cent

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By eeNews Europe

AASs are capable of significantly increasing base station site efficiency and performance, dramatically improving network capacity and coverage. However, until now a number of technical obstacles have prevented AASs from achieving their true performance potential, all linked to one of the technology’s smallest components – the radio filter. The current filters used with active antennas create significant loss, detracting from the benefits that active antennas can bring.

xCube, the company’s high performance radio filter technology, eradicates these problems. The xCube is a cool running, low loss, high isolation filter that improves sensitivity and handles much more power. These benefits, combined with its compact size, enables AAS vendors to deliver 50 percent more power output for the same input, delivering significant increases in range and capacity. With more power output and less heat being generated multi-band and multi-technology solutions can come within reach.

“Our xCube filter technology is a breakthrough that can become a real performance multiplier for LTE,” says Mark Bole, CEO, Mesaplexx. “New antennas will be required to support new LTE bands, and, deploying a cost neutral AAS that can deliver a 65 per cent capacity improvement is worthy of serious consideration.”

Bole continues, “AASs do not represent a silver bullet solution for operators’ escalating network capacity requirements. However, thanks to the xCube, AASs can make a sizeable impact in scaling LTE capacity and targeting it where it is needed most. Vendors and operators need to make a detailed evaluation of the true capabilities of AASs, and the significant role they will play in meeting the data demands of the future.”


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