Programmable DC supplies for high power development deliver 90 kW

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When engineers design high-power racks, Keysight says, they face system design, debugging and safety challenges associated with high voltages: and almost every project has a unique configuration. The N8900 Series rack system delivers voltages up to 1500 V and currents up to 3060 A, allowing them to focus on their core business objectives.

The new rack system allows users to install up to six 15-kW N8900 Series autoranging DC power supplies in a parallel configuration that can deliver up to 90 kW and up to 3060A. Autoranging capability allows customers to get full-power output at a wide range of voltages.

The rack system’s internal communications wiring allows users to treat the entire rack as a single power supply that delivers up to 90 kW. Engineers can communicate with the rack through one master power supply with communications to the individual power supplies being handled within the rack. Users can communicate with the N8900 Series rack system via LAN (LXI Core), USB or GPIB interfaces, all of which come standard with the system.

“Many high-power applications extend well beyond 15 kW, and creating a power supply system to deliver high power can be time consuming,” said Kari Fauber, general manager of Keysight’s Power and Energy Division. “The N8900 rack system allows customers to quickly, easily and safely configure N8900 Series power supplies in parallel to achieve up to 90 kW.”

The N8900 Series rack system meets a variety of needs with voltage and current combinations from 80V to 1500V and from 60A to 3060A; control is by LAN (LXI Core), USB and GPIB I/O interfaces; worldwide operation allows 208 VAC or 400 VAC inputs.



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