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By Nick Flaherty

The guide covers XP Power’s line-up of AC-DC power supplies, DC-DC converters, high voltage power supplies and RF power supplies, with key specifications for each product range. The task of initial range selection is simplified by the product selector guide, which contains thumbnail images of each series organized by type and output power rating. XP’s custom power solution capabilities are also detailed in the guide.

It is available online as a PDF as well as an iOS and Android app on smartphones.

The complete range of XP Power’s portfolio is represented with AC-DC units covering the output range of 3 to 5000W, and DC-DC converters from 0.25 to 750W. Recent additions covered in the guide include a comprehensive range of high voltage DC-DC converter modules with output voltages from 100V to 10kV, in both proportional and regulated topologies for use as stand-alone modules or for integration into application specific assemblies.

Also detailed is the significantly extended range of rugged DC-DC converters with approvals for railway applications. New AC-DC power supplies include the world’s smallest 40W open-frame unit, with a footprint of only 3.0 x 1.5”, and a series of ultra-slim DIN rail power suppliers offering a width of only 1.26” for 75W & 120 W versions and 1.77” for the 480W models. The guide also includes 3 phase power supplies up to 5kW, with up to 30kW available using parallel operation.

For certain industries, compliance with specific standards is a requirement, throughout the guide a medical symbol is used to identify the many products that have a medical safety standard version, indicating their suitability for healthcare applications. In the AC-DC section an ITE symbol highlights products suitable for technology equipment. Additionally, products for defence and railway applications each have their own dedicated sections.

The Power Supply Guide be downloaded at A print copy can be requested online or by contacting a local XP Power office.

XP Power also provides power supply selection applications for the iPhone and Android-based devices. These are available from


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