Power management IC provides efficient solution for Intel Atom processor E6XX-based designs

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“The integration, flexibility and efficiency inherent in the Intel Atom processor E6xx series enables designs, such as ADLINK’s nanoX-TC, that are very small, dedicated and energy efficient,” said Jonathan Luse, Marketing Director of the Low Power Embedded Products Division at Intel. “Having a compatible power management IC solution for the Intel Atom processor E6xx series, such as the Dialog DA6011, helps developers to minimise platform part count and reduce BOM cost and design complexity.”

The nanoX-TC is a rugged, robust PC module capable of enduring up to 15G peak to peak shocks and 1.88 Grms vibration. It uses the full processing capabilities of the Intel Atom processor E6xx and consumes 5 W at 5 V (3 W idle), making it ideally suited to a wide range of industrial applications.

Henk van Bremen, Product Director at ADLINK, added: “The tiny, 4600mm2 board means we have to be as efficient as possible, both in terms of layout and power. In addition, battery size shouldn’t be the limiting factor for a computer and therefore properly managed power usage is vital. It was essential to use a single chip power management solution to further cut board space, BOM, cost and power consumption to the lowest possible levels without compromise, and the DA6011 precisely regulates the heart of the nanoX-TC.”

Dialog’s DA6011 integrates both power management and clock driver functionality for the Intel Atom processor E6xx; it is the industry’s only single chip solution and was designed as part of Dialog’s Processor Partner Programme. To maximise efficiency, the DA6011 precisely regulates power and provides the clock source to core system components: Intel Atom processor E6xx, flash memory, RAM and I/O hubs.

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