Power controller for FPGA core voltages

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The ZSPM1511 is pre-configured to provide digitally controlled power supplies with one of ZMDI’s integrated MOSFET power stage DrMOS products: the ZSPM9000, ZSPM9010, ZSPM9015 or ZSPM9060. ZSPM15xx controllers feature a flexible design that allows users to select the over-current protection limit, output voltage rise time and control-loop compensation via two external resistors to achieve the highest performance.

The controllers are preconfigured for the power stage output of 0.85V and capable of supporting a maximum load current of 15A. ZMDI provides bills-of-materials and circuit board layouts to improve customer design cycles, reduce external component costs and minimise the application footprint.

Features include:

  1. High-precision output stage voltage (± 1%);
  2. Ultra-fast transient response;
  3. Low noise and ripple at the output;
  4. Factory pre-configured with industry-standard voltage: 0.85V;
  5. Capable of supporting load currents up to 15A;
  6. Faster time-to-market with tested and ready POL solutions;
  7. Enhanced performance with ZMDI’s integrated MOSFET power-stage DrMOS products: ZSPM9000, ZSPM9010, ZSPM9015 or ZSPM9060;
  8. High power density in a 4 x 4 mm QFN24 package;
  9. Selectable over-current limit protection, output voltage slew rate and control loop compensation;
  10. Full feature set for fault protection;
  11. Operation temperature: -40°C to +125°C;
  12. Operation from a single supply voltage: 5V.

Pre-configured ZSPM15xx family True-Digital PWM Controllers are available with additional output voltage options: 1.00V, 1.20V, 1.50V, 1.80V, 2.00V, 2.5V, 3.3V, and 5.00V



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