PoE+ splitter expands range of equipment that can be powered

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By Nick Flaherty

The GAT range of splitters take advantage of the cabling used to power common devices like WiFi access points, IP security cameras, and VOIP phones.

The four new PoE Splitter solutions expand the list of devices that can be powered by PoE to include Nest Cam, Microsoft Surface Pro, iPad Pro, and other popular electronics. The GAT line of splitters also includes a new solution for powering 24 volt Passive PoE devices with 802.3at PoE switches.

803.3at Splitter

Compatible Devices


All USB Type C powered devices including Raspberry Pi 3, Nest
Cam, and iPad Pro.


Microsoft Surface Pro, LED Lights, BeagleBone Blue, Arduino, 12
volt PTZ Cameras, and more.


BeagleBone Black, Google WiFi, iPad Air, Lenovo Miix 320)


Beaglebone X15, UAP-AC-LR, UAP-AC-LITE, UAP-AC-M, UVC-G3,
UAP-Outdoor, UAP-Outdoor5, Mikrotik PowerBox, PLC Controls

802.3at PoE, also known as PoE+, offers 30W, twice the power of the earlier 802.3af PoE standard. Powering the latest generation of non-PoE devices like laptops, monitors, Single Board Computers, PTZ cameras, and pro tablet computers requires the additional capacity of 802.3at.

PoE Standard


Required Power Output

24 volt Passive PoE

24 volts

Not defined


44 to 57 volts

15 watts


44 to 57 volts

30 watts

PoE’s line of 802.3at PoE injectors can be used to add 802.3at capability to existing 802.3af and non-PoE switches.

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