Pocket-sized broadband amplifier covers wide 20 MHz to 6.0 GHz range

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By eeNews Europe

Amplifier Technology has designed this amplifier to be compact, light and easily portable whilst achieving exceptional RF performance. The GaN technology used in the design results in a massive frequency range from 20 MHz and 6.0 GHz, with a guaranteed minimum saturated output power of 10 W and a minimum efficiency of 15 percent at 10 W.

Measuring just 65- x 120- x 25-mm and weighing less than 250 g, the 8790 is one of the smallest amplifiers available on the market with this specification. It compliments the other counter IED amplifiers, the 8778 (30 W, 0.5- to 2.5-GHz) and the 8780 (25 W, 2- to 6-GHz) currently produced by Amplifier Technology.

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