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The Bluesmart as it is presented is a suitcase with built-in electronics, including a Bluetooth module for connectivity (and proximity sensing) with a smartphone, a GPS unit for luggage tracking worldwide, a built-in weight scale (operating through the handle) doubled up with an electronic lock that ensures nothing gets in or out of the suitcase without your consent.

A big selling point, it appears, is the extra battery-pack it carries embedded into its special electronics compartment (for other electronic devices), with enough power to charge your phone six times over, according to the marketing material on IndieGogo.

I suppose that since a battery was required to run all the electronics on-board, the designers opted for an oversized battery that would not run out of juice at inappropriate times (does it stay locked forever?)

The unit locks itself up as soon as you get too distant, it tracks and logs your miles (both on feet as you drag your extra battery on wheels) and in air as the GPS data traces your journeys. Developers behind the product are busy writing up dedicated Apps to synchronize the suit-case with your calendar and to other travel services so you can effectively use it as your travel assistant, something that sends you reminders about when and what to pack.

On the data discovery front, the computer on wheels will also be able to send you real-time reports with trends and data from your trips, including miles travelled, airports visited, and time spent in each country.

Travel logs from a suitcase packed with electronics (source IndieGogo).


One thing that is not advertised though, is how much extra weigh you’ll carry on your trips for all these features, a bit like in that classic joke of an exceptional do-it-all electronic watch leashed to a heavy suitcase (in fact the battery). A little bit of planning and maybe a cheap standalone GPS tag would certainly do away with most of these electronic features, but I guess this would have made the IndieGogo campaign less compelling.

Check bluesmart on indiegogo

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