Optocoupler cards measure, monitor, and control digital signals with galvanic isolation

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24-V-signals of an SPS, for example, can easily be connected or engines can be controlled by the TTL outputs of the PC control systems. From a 100x100mm footprint, the OI16 provides 16 digital inputs and 16 digital outputs at a 37-pin female for the connection of digital sensors (e.g. switch) or digital control lines (e.g. of a machine, etc.). The 16 switching outputs controlled by TTL signals of the PC measurement system feature output high-side drivers for voltages in the range of 7 to 35 V.

The euroboard size OR8 optocoupler card takes eight voltage inputs in the range of 5 to 30 V. In addition, the card can switch higher voltages and currents of up to 60 V, 6mA. The digital inputs, as well as the 9-40 V power supply are connected through screw-clamp terminals.

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