NTT buys Fujitsu business for low power tech

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By Nick Flaherty

As part of the deal, NTT is buying two thirds of Fujitsu Advanced Technologies Limited (FATEC), which possesses photonic semiconductor mounting technology. FATEC will begin business as NTT Electronics Cross Technologies on June 1, 2021.

Fujitsu designed the ARM processor behind the Fugaku supercomputer that broke records in the balance of power consumption and performance. But rather than a centralised supercomputer tough, the two will work on ‘radical’ new architectures for distributed computing to reduce power. This will involve combining photonics-electronics convergence technology being researched and developed by NTT with the technologies developed by Fujitsu for Fugaku.

By the end of 2022, the new company aims to provide compact, power-saving optical communication co-packages that integrate digital chips and the Coherent Optical Sub Assembly (COSA) based on silicon photonics technology.

These will enable high-speed, large-capacity communications and low-power optical networks, and will open up a new architecture for applying ultra-high-speed, compact, and low-cost photonics-electronics convergence devices on mobile communication products, starting with Fujitsu’s 5G base stations.

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