No RSENSE 60-V boost controller operates across a wide junction temperature range

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By using a sense resistor, the output voltage is limited only by the external components. Capable of driving large N-channel MOSFETs, the LTC3872 can produce high peak output currents. When powered with a 5 V bias voltage, the switch can go up to 60 V, making it well suited for automotive, heavy equipment and industrial control applications.     

The LTC3872 current-mode architecture provides cycle-by-cycle current limiting and excellent transient response. Pulse skipping operation at light loads reduces the quiescent current to 250 uA which helps extend the run-time in the battery-powered applications during standby mode. Additional features include an internal soft start, adjustable current limit, precision undervoltage lockout and tight ±1.6% reference voltage accuracy over the full -40 to 150 °C operating temperature range.     


The LTC3872H is offered in a thermally enhanced 2 mm x 3 mm DFN-8 package and 8-lead ThinSOT package. 1,000-piece pricing starts at $2.35 each.      

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