New STMicroelectronics power MOSFETs driving up vehicle electrical efficiency

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Energy-efficient electrical systems are increasingly important to car makers. These systems manage equipment from window winders, wipers and heater blowers to engine controllers, starter-alternators and energy recovery systems. Hybrid and electric vehicles, especially, need effective energy management for maximum traveling range. ST’s new power MOSFETs will minimize the energy normally lost in electrical drives and controls, leading to greater efficiency, while simultaneously reducing heat generation, allowing smaller, more lightweight assemblies.

This new series of AEC-Q101-qualified 30 V and 40 V power devices uses ST’s STripFET VI DeepGATE technology to achieve very low conduction losses relative to their active chip size. They feature low on-resistance ranging from 3.0 milliohms up to 12.5 milliohms in industry-standard DPAK or D2PAK surface-mount power packages, taking up less board space. This new range of power MOSFETS also includes both logic- and standard-level types.

To assure reliability and robustness for automotive-grade applications, all devices undergo 100% avalanche testing both at wafer level and as finished products to meet the conditions for AEC-Q101 qualification. The new devices will also increase the efficiency of power supplies and drives for a wide range of non-automotive equipment and applications.

Major features include:

  • 30 V and 40 V breakdown voltage
  • Current rating from 44 A up to 80 A
  • Standard threshold drive
  • Logic-level devices
  • Operating temperature range: -55°C to 175°C
  • AEC-Q101 qualified

The nine new devices are in full production with pricing ranging from $0.50 for the devices with higher RDS(on) to $1.80 for the devices with lower RDS(on), in quantities of 1000. Alternative pricing options are available for larger orders.

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