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Offering an input voltage range of 36 V to 75 V, the high-efficiency PKU4619 and PKU4710 provide outputs of 2.5 V/25 A and 3.3 V/20 A, delivering output power of 62.5 W and 66 W, respectively. The new products are ideal for applications such as mini-base-stations and provide customers with a simple solution when upgrading 50 W boards to 60 W, or even slightly more.  Due to their industry-standard footprint (33 x 22.9 mm) and height of 8.8 mm, the duo can be used in low-profile applications when build height is critical. In addition, the devices’ low profile, combined with high efficiency, makes them highly suitable for applications with reduced airflow. In a natural convection environment, full power can be delivered up to +40°C and, with a 3.0 m/s airflow, up to +80°C.     

The PKU4619 and PKU4710 are built on Ericsson’s robust power-module platform featuring optimized topology and layout, and use a limited number of components for increased reliability, while also making them cost efficient. Offering an MTBF (Mean-Time-Before-Failure) of more than 3.6 million hours, the PKU4619 and PKU4710 meets safety requirements according to IEC/EN/UL 60950-1, offer input/output isolation of 1500 V(dc) with protection features including output-over-voltage protection (OVP), input under-voltage shutdown, over-temperature protection (OTP), and output short circuit protection.     

The devices are also available in both through-hole (PI version) and surface-mount (SI version) types.     

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