New online tool simplifies power supply design and reduces time-to-market

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Designed for easy use, the iSimv4.0 for switching regulators follows its predecessor iSim V3 for Integrated FETs, and adds new advanced capabilities for selecting, simulating and optimizing single-phase PWM controllers with external FETs, allowing users to complete designs in minutes.

The new version of iSim permits users to input requirements for their power supply and also configure the schematic for desired switching frequency, soft-start and other options. Designers can quickly generate a complete prototype design without delving into datasheets and application notes for design equations or to complete a series of iterative optimization steps. Automating the power supply design process provides a fast and easy way to simulate electrical performance, control loop stability and efficiency.

The iSim lets users modify compensation components and shows changes in closed loop response on the fly.   Designers can review efficiency graphs and power loss distribution across components.  The design tool’s main schematic page’s dashboard summarizes the solution’s key performance parameters: efficiency, bandwidth, phase margin, cost and total footprint

For more advanced power supply designers, iSim v4.0 offers a ‘Custom Design’ section that allows users to enter specific performance targets for the power supply and automatically select industry-standard component values to meet those targets. The custom design also lets users select power MOSFETs that can be optimized for total power supply efficiency and lowest junction temperature in the system. The result is a robust design and a complete bill of materials from DigiKey that can be ordered online.

iSim v4.0 takes advantage of Intersil’s wide portfolio of models built on the SIMPLIS simulation engine for switch mode power supply design. Schematics can be also downloaded and run on the iSim:PE desktop simulator, a powerful and free offline schematic capture and simulation tool.

Availability and Pricing

Both iSim v4.0 and the iSim:PE desktop simulator are available free-of-cost.

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