New DrMOS device family offers 94 percent efficiency in 6-mm x 6-mm form factor

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Generation II XS DrMOS devices, available in a small, 6 mm x 6 mm high performance clip PQFN package, feature higher system efficiency with over 91.5 percent heavy load efficiency at 12 Vin, 1 Vout, and 25 A, and 94 percent peak efficiency. Generation II XS DrMOS can be operated at a 2 MHz switching frequency and have up to 50 A of current handling capability.

Leveraging the company’s expertise in MOSFETs, gate driver ICs, and packaging technology, Fairchild optimized Generation II XS DrMOS devices for greater efficiency and developed new features. These enhancements make the Generation II XS DrMOS family ideal for applications such as blade servers, high performance gaming motherboards, high performance notebooks, graphic cards, and high current DC-DC point-of-load (POL) converters.

Devices in the portfolio offer a 5 V and 3.3 V Tristate level to match the Intel 4.0 DrMOS specification and are compatible with a variety of PWM controllers on the market. The Generation II XS DrMOS portfolio reduces ringing due to PowerTrench MOSFET Shielded Gate technology in both the control FET and synchronous FET. The synchronous FET also integrates a Schottky diode which eliminates external snubber circuits, improving overall performance and power density while reducing space and cost. Generation II XS DrMOS devices also include a thermal warning feature for customers to prevent over temperature conditions during fault situations.

The Generation II XS DrMOS portfolio is able to meet different customer and application needs.

Fairchild Semiconductor’s Generation II XS DrMOS series provides industry-leading technology to meet the energy efficiency and form factor challenges encountered in today’s designs. Generation II XS DrMOS devices are part of Fairchild’s energy efficient power analog, power discrete and optoelectronics solutions that maximize energy savings in power sensitive applications.

Samples of the devices are available now. The FDMF6705 is priced at $2.86 in 1,000 quantity pieces.

The FDMF6705V is priced at $2.92 in 1,000 quantity pieces.  The FDMF6706C is priced at $3.30 in 1,000 quantity pieces.  The FDMC6707B is priced at $3.96 in 1,000 quantity pieces.

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