National Semiconductor releases industry’s first online analog design tool in Portuguese language

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“National Semiconductor’s WEBENCH online design tool enables engineers to create, analyse and compare electronic designs quickly,” said Rogério Moreira, sales director for Kobama, a Brazilian organization specializing in sales representation of electronics components manufacturers. “The WEBENCH tool reduces workload, enabling faster time-to-market and lower costs. We’re excited to offer WEBENCH in the Portuguese language to our customers throughout Brazil and we know it will be well-received.”    

Along with Kobama, National is represented in Brazil by Arrow Electronics Inc., Avnet Inc., Digi-key, Farnell and Future Electronics.   
National’sWEBENCH environment features WEBENCH Visualizer, the only tool to provide visual navigation of virtually unlimited power and lighting designs optimised to meet desired specifications in seconds, and WEBENCH Power Architect, which makes creation of highly optimized multiple load, multiple supply power regulation systems almost effortless. National is the first to offer online power, lighting, and sensing application design tools in the Portuguese language.    

The WEBENCH Designer component library includes more than 21,000 components from 110 manufacturers. 

Price and availability is updated hourly by National’s distribution partners for accurate budgeting and production planning. The user can compare complete system designs and make supply chain decisions in minutes.      

More information about the Portuguese language version of WEBENCH at


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