Multi-channel 100 MBaud digital isolator to 5.6 kVRMS

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The ACML-74×0 family’s robust insulation is UL recognized at 5.6 kVRMS for 1 minute, the highest of any digital isolators, claims the manufacturer. During data transmission, the devices send low current pulses across the isolation barrier, maintaining low electromagnetic interference (EMI) emissions even at high data rates. This low EMI performance also provides end-applications with stronger ability to pass regulatory testing. The isolators integrate a quad-channel structure, and offer uni- or bi-directional configurations, to provide PCB savings.

The chip draws 13 mA per channel typical at 100 MBd data rate and operates from -40 to 105°C. It is qualified to a maximum propagation delay of 32ns and a maximum pulse width distortion of 2 ns. The device is dual supply voltage compatible for 3.3V and 5V. The ACML-7400 device offers an all-in-one channel configuration, the ACML-7410 offers a bi-directional 3/1 channel configuration, and the ACML-7420 offers a bi-directional 2/2 channel configuration. All the ACML-74×0 isolators are available in 16-pin SOIC wide-body packages.

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