Mil-spec UPS delivers high-reliability in medical and mission-critical systems

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They incorporate high-efficiency designs and rugged packaging technologies. Offering shock- and weather-proof construction combined with low weight (14.5kg) and a compact size (1U rack-mount unit), the UPS units deliver 1250W (1500 VA) of output power. A key feature of the product is an option, available in a 2U high unit version, to deliver more than 24 minutes of continued run-time after a mains power failure, substantially more than the typical three minutes provided by typical UPS units. Up to three units can be combined for higher power requirements or three-phase AC output.

The UPS accepts a wide range of input voltage and frequency values, while delivering a well-conditioned AC output to the load. Its use of a hot swappable, lithium-polymer battery pack permits the lowest profile, and it is the lowest weight solution in its power class. Options include a DC output and the ability to also draw power from a standard military 28 VDC input. Features include: input values from 80 to 265 VAC, 47 to 65 Hz; power factor correction at AC input; cold start with no AC or DC input connections; and full power operation from -20°C to +55°C.




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