Microsemi expands standard power module family to feature SiC technology

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Microsemi’s APTJC120AM13VCT1AG phase leg SiC power module provides customers with a higher-performance alternative to the company’s extensive line of all-silicon solutions. It operates at considerably higher rated junction temperatures than solutions using silicon IGBT and MOSFET devices, with switching losses that are 10 percent lower than modules featuring silicon MOSFETs, and 40 percent lower than those that incorporate silicon IGBTs. The modules enable the development of welding converters, switched mode and uninterruptible power supplies, and motor control systems used in solar, automotive, military/aerospace, medical and other demanding applications.      

Microsemi’s phase leg SiC power module features low stray inductance, high integration levels and low junction-to-case thermal performance. It uses four 30 A diodes and eight 50 milliohm JFETs and is rated at 1200 V but has an on-state resistance, or RDS(on) of 13 milliohms. The power module is RoHS-compliant and housed in a low-profile, isolated package with direct mounting to a heatsink.

The APTJC120AM13VCT1AG phase leg SiC power module is sampling now and volume production is scheduled to begin in the third quarter of 2011. Pricing is $739.31 per module in OEM quantities of 1,000.      

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